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Fall seeding

Fall aeration/seeding season is right around the corner.

We would like to share some of the most frequently asked questions and concerns. Please feel free to contact us  for professional service and results.

Q: What kind of seed do you use? Does it have noxious weeds?

A: For fescue lawns we only use a Blue-Tag Certified seed blend consisting of specially selected varieties that do well in the "transition zone". Certified seeds have 0 noxious weeds and 0 weed content.

Q: Do I really need compost?

A: Yes, we highly recommend a compost topdressing every year for several reasons: 1. aeration is not done for seeding purposes and will not help much with seed germination; aeration is performed usually at the same time as over-seeding only because the peak times for the two processes overlap 2. compost provides much needed organic matter that fertilizers don't provide and helps build a good soil structure 3. compost is an excellent seed bed, it helps protect the seeds while germinating 4. many new construction sites strip the topsoil and rarely place any of it back leaving new home owners with a constantly challenging lawn 5. many other benefits

Q: I was told to water twice a day but my neighbor advised me to only water early in the morning?

A: Watering seeds and watering established turf are two separate processes. Seeds need to stay moist at all times until the seedlings reach about 2" in height and can very easily dry out on warm afternoons . Once a desirable coverage has been established your neighbor's advice is true, all watering should occur early in the day to avoid foliar and soil born fungal diseases. Established grass also requires deep watering to encourage a deep root system while after-seeding watering should be frequent surface watering.

Attached is also our helpful seeding and aeration care instruction pdf . Click on the image to the right to download/save/print the watering instructions if you have not received a copy from us yet.