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Sod Installation

Soding provides an immediately pleasing turf that is instantly functional and will compete with weed seed present in the soil. Although it requires a higher initial investment, weed- and erosion-free establishment is more likely and it can be achieved virtually at any time of the year as long as there is moisture present.

Unless we are soding a new lawn, we start by determining the factors that might have contributed to the poor quality or apperarance  of the old turf. Such factors are poor fertilization, inadequate drainage, excessive traffic, poor selection of grass species, excessive shade or PH and nutrient imbalances in the soil. All soil amendments are based on a recent soil test.

 Proper soding requires accurate planning, thorough soil preparation, grading and leveling, the use of high quality soil amendments and a freshly cut sod.


Let us do the hard work and install your lush long lasting lawn by Requesting a Quote today!

Lawn Aeration & Overseeding

 Aerification with a core aerator help prepare a lawn for renovation by inoculating the thatch with soil, reducing compaction and creating moisture collecting holes in the soil. As the name suggests, it also helps provide a proper oxygen-soil ratio.

Aeration is considered highly beneficial for the lawn in the long term however very intrusive in the short term. That is why aerating should take place when the turf is most active and can easily regenerate.

Over seeding and aeration occur during the same visits and are performed within the months of August, September and October. This service, along with our fertilization and weed control programs will thicken your turf, increase drought and disease resistance and provide a greener color.

For additional information on aeration, click here.

We have years of experience and top of the line equipment to get the job done right. Contact us today!


 Turf may be established from seed, sprigs, plugs or sod. Seeding is most commonly used method due in part to it's relatively inexpensive nature.

Soil preparation is similar to that described at soding. However, seeding presents a set of challanges that make it undesirable in some applications. Read more about establishing a lawn in this VT Extension Service Guide.to Establishing a Lawn.

Our experts can assess if seeding is a viable option for you and ensure that your newly established lawn will be the envy of your neighborhood. Seed establishment is only recommended in the early spring or early fall depending on the type of grass, so plan ahead and Request a Quote in advance.

Landscaped bed maintenance

 Shrub beds, natural mulched areas and groundcover areas will be maintained weed free as specified in our custom Service Agreements. We use non-selective systemic herbicides such as bio-degradable Round-up on weeds that can be safely treated without causing injury to nearby ornamentals. Other weeds found within the canopy of ground covers will be pulled by hand.

Some situations will require hand weeding only, and we are proud to be one of the very few contractors to offer this service. 

Be sure to Request a Quote for your flower bed maintenance. One time jobs or continuous care programs available.

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